Air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate. It is caused by both human and natural activities. The burning of coal, vehicles, biomass, and more such things are the main reasons behind outdoor pollution - while indoor pollution occurs due to different activities like smoking, cleaning, cooking, painting, etc. The contaminated air makes breathing tough for you. Dust, dirt, viruses, bacteria, dead cells, pet dander, smoke, paint, and cooking smells not only contaminate the air but may also cause various diseases.

The only effective solution to get rid of these pollutants is to use air purifiers for home or office. These devices contain numerous filters and other features that enable them to remove all the air pollutants and provide healthy air to breathe. But there are hundreds of manufactures, how will you choose the right one. In this air purity guide, we will compare two of the most prominent brands of India – Honeywell, and Coway. You may also like to see our Honeywell vs Philips Air Purifier and Coway vs Philips Air Purifier comparisons.

Both Honeywell and Coway are two of the most prevalent brands of air purifiers in India. They have produced numerous air purifiers with different specifications and features. Let us start by exploring the features and technology of each brand’s air purifiers, then we will compare them feature by feature to pick the right brand.

Here is what we will be covering in this air purity guide about Honeywell vs Coway air purifier:

Honeywell Air Purifier Specifications

Honeywell is one of the most prominent brands of air purifiers in India – selling numerous air purifiers of various quality, features, and prices. Honeywell has kept its main focus on enhancing the air-cleaning efficiency of the air purifiers rather than other fancy features. This way Honeywell air purifiers provide fresh clean air and are available at very reasonable prices. Let us find out the key features, pros, and cons of Honeywell air purifiers.

1. Features

Here are some of the mind-blowing characteristics of Honeywell air purifiers:

a) Filtration System

The filtration system of an air purifier defines its ability to clean the air inside a living area. Honeywell air purifiers utilize two filters to purify the air. One is the pre-filter that eliminates the large contaminants from the air like dust, dirt, pet dander, etc. Another is the HEPA filter that efficiently removes extremely small-sized particles from the air. The latest models of Honeywell air purifiers also use activated carbon filters to take care of odors and unpleasant smells.

b) Coverage Area

The coverage area of the air purifier tells the size of the living area that it is able to clean. All Honeywell air purifiers have different specifications and are designed for various room sizes. You can find a suitable Honeywell air purifier according to the size of your room.

c) CADR and ACH

The clean air delivery rate (CADR) of an air purifier determines its efficiency to remove pollutants from the air and Honeywell is nowhere behind in this feature. Almost all Honeywell air purifiers have a relatively greater CADR rate than their equivalents. Also, Honeywell air purifiers have a higher ACH (Air changes per hour) that make them appropriate for providing clean air regularly. They have an ACH of 4 or above that is highly beneficial for all individuals and especially the ones with asthma or other breathing problems.

d) Extra Features

As already explained, Honeywell has given more importance to the cleaning efficiency of the air purifier than the fancy features that do a little in cleaning the air inside the room. They are only armed with the features that make their use simple and easy like filter-change alert, turbo mode, night mode, etc.

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2. Pros

Buying the Honeywell air purifier will provide you the following benefits:

  • Turbo mode
  • Low-noise operation
  • Dimmer function
  • Pre-filter
  • HEPA filter
  • No fancy features that are very expensive
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Filter-change alert
  • Fairly cheap price

3. Cons

Here are some of the disadvantages of purchasing a Honeywell air purifier:

  • No activated carbon filter
  • High filter replacement cost

Coway Air Purifier Specifications

Coway is a Korean brand that is known worldwide for its amazing quality air purifiers. It is relatively new in India but already has made a decent name among the consumers with its highly-efficient air purifiers. Let us explore the characteristics, pros, and cons of Coway air purifiers.

1. Features

Coway air purifiers have the following amazing features:

a) Filtration System

All Coway air purifiers employ 4 to 5 filters to leave no trace of air pollutants inside the room. The filter includes a carbon filter that removes odors and bad smells from the air, a HEPA filter that eliminates small-sized air pollutant, a pre-filter that helps in removing the large air contaminants, a titanium filter, and some devices also has a separate filter for molds and pollens. These filers work together to eliminate all types of air pollutants from the room.

b) Coverage Area

All Coway air purifiers have different specifications and it depends on you to pick the right one according to your requirements. You can easily find a purifier that fits your needs from the wide range of Coway air purifiers available in the online market.

c) CADR and ACH

As already explained, a higher CADR and ACH rates of an air purifier indicates its ability to purify the air inside the room. All Coway air purifiers have a CADR rate above 200 and also have a high ACH rate.

d) Extra Features

Like Honeywell, Coway air purifiers also have fewer fancy features. They are armed with features like sleep mode, turbo mode, air-quality indicator, filter replacement alert, turbo mode, etc.

2. Pros

Here is what you will get from a Coway air purifier:

  • 4 or 5 filters for air cleaning
  • High CADR and ACH
  • Filter-replacement indicator
  • Makes less noise
  • Turbo mode
  • Air quality indicator
  • Night mode
  • Removes odors and bad smells
  • Green HEPA antivirus filter

3. Cons

Here are the disadvantages of buying a Coway air purifier:

  • High filter-replacement cost
  • Fewer fancy features
  • Some devices have heavy sizes

Which One to Choose Between Honeywell and Coway?

Both Coway and Honeywell air purifiers have some advantages and disadvantages. Let us now compare both Honeywell and Coway air purifiers based on specific features to select the best one from these two of the most prominent Indian air purifier brands.

1. Filtration Power

Honeywell mainly uses two filters – a pre-filter to remove large air pollutants and bad smells and a HEPA filter to take care of extremely small-sized contaminants present in the air.

Coway utilizes 4-5 filters to clean impurities from the air namely – a carbon filter for removing odors and bad smells, a pre-filter for large-size air pollutants, a HEPA filter for very small-sized contaminants, and one or two more filters for accurate air cleaning.

Our verdict

According to air purity guide experts, Coway has a higher efficiency of purifying the air than Honeywell because of the higher number of filters it uses. Although both Honeywell and Coway air purifiers have given much attention to providing clean air, Coway has a clear advantage over Honeywell because of its efficient filters.

2. Gases and Bad Smells Removal

Not all air purifiers available in the market have the efficiency to remove gases, odors, and bad smells. A special carbon filter is used to get rid of these pollutants from the air. Coway has one such activated carbon filter that works effectively to eliminate all gases and bad smells from the living area. Honeywell air purifiers have no such filter, yet they use a pre-filter to take care of gases and bad smells.

Our verdict

As you see, Honeywell does not use a specific carbon filter to remove odors and unpleasant smells from the room while Coway has an efficient activated carbon filter. So, Coway leads Honeywell in this feature too.

3. Cost and Ease of Filter-replacement

All the filters in air purifiers work for a specific time and then they need a replacement. Therefore, while buying an air purifier you must check the cost and availability of filters of the air purifier you are buying. Honeywell uses two filters that you can easily find in the market at affordable prices.

Coway uses four or five filters in almost all air purifiers, which means you would need to spend plenty of amounts to replace those filters.

Our verdict

Air purity guide experts will go with Honeywell when it comes to cost-efficiency and ease of filter-replacement. Honeywell air purifiers are one of the most cost-efficient devices in the market and have a clear edge over Coway at this point.

4. Advanced Features

Both Honeywell and Coway use fewer fancy features and instead focus on providing clean air. They only use the features that actually aid in purifying the air inside the room like turbo mode, filter-replacement alert, night mode, etc.

Our verdict

It is a draw between Coway and Honeywell, as both brands use fewer fancy features in their air purifiers compared to higher end brands, such as Philips Air Purifiers.

5. Price

You can find numerous Honeywell and Coway air purifiers in the market with different specifications and prices. Honeywell air purifiers are one of the most cost-efficient devices on the market because they use fewer filters and fancy features. Coway air purifiers have relatively high prices than Honeywell because they use more filters in their devices.

Our verdict

If you are one who wants to buy a less expensive air purifier, then Honeywell is the best choice for you. But if you wish to get the one with numerous filters, then you can confidently bet on Coway air purifiers.

Our Pick

Both Honeywell and Coway have done and are doing tremendous work in helping their customers to breathe in fresh and clean air. However, based on their specifications, Coway air purifiers have a shoulder above Honeywell air purifiers because of their efficient filters and affordable prices. That does not mean, Honeywell air purifiers are not good at all. Honeywell air purifiers are one of the most cost-efficient air purifiers in the online market. But, Coway has a clear advantage over them due to the reasons explained above.

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