As per World Health Organization (WHO) data, air pollution leads to the death of approximately 7 million people around the world each year. Only 1 out of 10 individuals on the planet breathes air that falls within the WHO guidelines of safety.

The harmful air consists of smog in the environment, different kinds of smoke inside the house or work areas, various suspended particles, pollens, etc.

The risks of exposing your lungs to this damaging air include various respiratory diseases such as infections and asthma. This can even lead to acute conditions such as heart diseases and cancer, including death.

Air Purity Guide was created to help our fellow countrymen get access to information they can use to get access to clean air they need to stay healthy.

Our Mission

India does not score too well in the world in terms of air quality, and while it may take a while (if it happens) to make things better, we decided not to sit around and created Air Purity Guide ( to do our bit to help our communities have access to fresh air, so they can live healthier and longer.

And this is our mission – "Helping our countrymen get access to the best advice on clean air they can use to breathe to live healthier and longer".

What Can You Expect?

Air Purity Guide will ensure that you have access to the information you can actually use to have pure air to breathe in your surroundings, and that too without punching a hole in your pocket.

We will ensure that we keep you updated with the best actionable advice possible to make you aware of all you need to know on the subject of keeping the air around you pure.

Our opinions will always be honest, and we will keep improving the content in the light of new findings and your valuable feedback.