Do you want to purchase an air purifier to do away with air pollutants inside the room? Have you already bought an air purifier that did not work well? Why not try a Philips air purifier? Follow this guide to find the best Philips air purifier with all certified features, quality, and price, so you do not end up wasting your money on an ineffective device again.

Philips air purifiers are one of the most effective and widely used air purifiers. Whether you live in an extremely polluted city or a small city with fewer air contaminants – here you can find the best air purifier according to your choices. All air purifiers have different characteristics that help them eliminate impurities from the air and also show their usefulness. Let us check out which features, and technologies Philips air purifiers use and then we will review their best three air purifiers.

Filtration System

All air purifiers are equipped with different filters that show how this air purifier will eliminate various pollutants from the air. Philips air purifiers use three filters to remove large dust particles, VOCs, smoke, pet dander, allergens, and even minor-sized pollutants from the air.

  1. Pre-filter – Pre-filter removes large dust particles, dead cells, pet dander, and other fine particles.
  2. Carbon filter – This filter is useful for eliminating Volatile organic compounds, bad smells, and gases.
  3. HEPA filter – HEPA filter catches 99.97% of impurities, viruses, and bacteria of very small sizes.

Well, Philips air purifiers have all the needed filters to remove all kinds of pollutants and gases from the air, making it healthy and fresh to breathe.

Coverage Area

There are numerous Philips air purifiers that cover a wide range of areas. Based on the dimensions of the room or living area, you can buy any one of them. All these air purifiers have different CADR (Clean air delivery rate) and ACH (Air change per hour) that determines the air quality in the room.

Most of the Philips air purifiers have a high CADR rating that makes them effective for use in a wide range of areas from 100 sq ft to 600 sq ft, The ACH rating of some of their products is less than optimal for individuals with allergies and asthma problems. The common opinion is that, when used by patients with allergies and asthma, an air purifier must have an ACH of 4 or even more.

However, this does not indicate that such air purifiers are not effective. Instead, it implies that preferably, you must use them for smaller areas if you reside in any of the highly contaminated towns or if you or one of the other siblings have breathing difficulties.

Extra Features

Philips air purifiers are equipped with various additional features that make their use simple and easy. Let us find out what these qualities are:

  • Night mode – The night mode feature allows you to sleep peacefully without any disturbance. When the night-mode is on, the air purifier reduces its noise and turns the lights off.
  • Air-quality sensor – The four-color air quality sensor shows the condition of the air inside the room. It turns from blue to red indicating the increase in air pollutants in the room.
  • Filter-change alert – This feature removes the worry of filter replacement. It tells you the right time to change the filter to get maximum benefits from the device.
  • App connectivity – Most of the Philips air purifiers allow you to control the working of the device with your smartphone through an app.
  • Cleaning mode – It has three smart cleaning modes – one for bacteria and virus, the second for allergens, and the third is the general mode.
  • Timer – It enables you to set the working time of the air purifier for personalized usage.
  • Turbo settings – This aspect increases the air-speed coming from the purifier to quickly eliminate air pollutants.

As Philips has numerous air purifiers, so some of them may miss one or two of the above-mentioned attributes. But almost all the latest models are equipped with all of these features. Now, let us move ahead to know the characteristics of the best three Philips air purifiers.

1. Philips 2000 series AeraSense AC2887/20

This air purifier is the best of all the Philips air purifiers. This air purifier has a significantly high CADR rating of 333 cubic meters per hour. It can cover an area of about 441 sq ft making it suitable for large rooms and other living areas. It is developed with AeraSense technology that continuously keeps checking the impurities in the air and purifies it. It scans all the air pollutants, notes their levels, and chooses the purification settings according to the impurities concentration.

With the air-quality sensor, it tells you the quality of air inside the room. Other features include VitaShield IPS technology and NanoProtect filter that increase air delivery rate and efficiently removes all the bacteria inside the living area.

Philips High Efficiency Air Purifier

Philips 2000 series AeraSense AC2887/20

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It has a true HEPA filter that removes air pollutants having a size of even less than 0.3 microns. Carbon filter effectively eliminates odors, bad smells, and gases from the room. It has a filter replacement indicator and also has three cleaning modes that enable custom usage of the device.

This air purifier also has three different fan speeds and a turbo mode. So, what else you need from a purifier? AeraSense AC2887/20 air purifier has all the technologies and features that you need to clean the air inside the room. And you can get this air purifier with these magnificent characteristics at an affordable price.

2. Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20

This air purifier is one of the best in Philips 1000 series and the second-most effective air purifier by Philips. It has a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter that work together to eliminate all dirt, dust, pet dander, VOCs, smoke particles, odors, and gases from the air.

Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20

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It can cover an area of 677 sq ft with a high CADR rate of 270 cubic meters per hour. It is made with VitaShield IPS technology and also a NanoProtect filter. This air purifier has an Ultra-Silent Quite feature that promotes sleep at night by lowering the noise and turning off the lights of the machine. A unique allergen mode is added to take care of the increase in pollutants due to the cleaning activities inside the living area.

The Healthy Air Protect feature tells you the time to change the filter and a smart Child Lock to prevent unwanted changes by your kids. It also has three different fan speeds and a turbo mode.

3. Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20

The third-most prominent air purifier by Philips is the 3000 Series AC3256/20 air purifier. It has a high CADR rate of 376 cubic meters per hour and it is specially designed for extra-large rooms, like halls, or conference rooms.

It cleans all the disease-causing and other pollutants from the air with a pre-filter, a carbon filter, and two HEPA filters. This purifier has AeraSense technology that measures the concentration of contaminants in the air and sets the settings accordingly to clean the air. It is made with VitaShield IPS technology and filters the air with NanoProtect S3 filters.

Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20

Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20

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The real-time numerical PM2.5 shows the quality of the air inside the room with four different colors. It also an allergen mode and a night mode. It has an attractive touch system that makes its operation quite easy. This product is certified by AHAM, so you can trust the given specifications with confidence.

These are the best Philips air purifiers. All of them are armed with all the modern features that add to the performance of the air purifier. They have a powerful filtration system that guarantees to remove 99.99% of all types of air pollutants. So, now you can buy any of the above-mentioned machines according to your needs and spending plan.