Are you searching for a tremendous quality air purifier that can easily remove all air pollutants from the room? Have you already purchased one such device but that did not impress you? An air purifier by Sharp is what you require to do away with the contaminants present inside the living area.

Sharp is a renowned electronic appliance brand. The products of this company are widely known because of their good standard and fair prices as well. Because of its incredible performance, reliability, and low prices, Sharp air purifiers are extensively being used by people of India.

For rooms, workplaces, halls, bedrooms, and vehicles, this brand has launched lots of air purifiers. Based on the size of the space where you want to install it, you can comfortably find a Sharp air purifier. Here, to fully realize their benefits and importance, we will discuss the filtration system, coverage area, and all other aspects of Sharp air purifiers.

We will also present you with the top air purifiers by this brand – so that you can easily pick the most suitable Sharp air purifier for your regular usage.

Filtration System

There is a special filtration system for all air purifiers that specifies their ability to remove air contaminants from the air. The pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter are three basic filters. In any air purifier, the existence of these three filters suggests the power to eliminate all pollutants from the air. Sharp air purifiers have all these filters.

  • Pre-filter – assists in eliminating all large air contaminants such as dust, dirt, hair, etc
  • HEPA filter – aids in removing extremely small-sized pollutants from the air
  • Carbon filter – takes care of unpleasant smells and odors

In addition, a variety of Sharp air purifiers have an incorporated Plasmacluster technology that emits ions into the air, helping to kill molds and viruses. So, you don't have to worry about any sort of air pollution within the living area with a Sharp air purifier at your home.

Coverage Area

Until they are launched, all air purifiers are evaluated to check their efficiency in order to function in the appropriate room size. The air purifiers are mentioned with these specifications that allow individuals to choose the most appropriate one depending on their requirements.

Sharp has launched a wide range of air purifiers with different consumer requirements, allowing you to choose any of these to suit your needs. You just have to calculate the size of the region where you intend to use this system carefully, and then you can pick the appropriate Sharp air purifier for yourself easily.


CADR and ACH of an air purifier indicate its efficiency to supply clean air after regular intervals. CADR (clean air delivery rate) rate of an air purifier describes its capability to eliminate all the air pollutants in the given area while the ACH (air change per hour) determines the number of times an air purifier will provide clean air per hour.

Sharp air purifiers have a good CADR rate based on the room size they are built for and also have an ACH of 3 to 4, which means they provide clean air after every fifteen minutes to help you breathe in a clean and healthy environment.

Additional Features

Extra features of an air purifier not only enhance their working and efficiency but also make them look appealing. The latest air purifiers are coming with more and more new features that contribute to their performance but increase their prices as well.

Sharp air purifiers have not laid much emphasis on extra features, as they increase the price of the device significantly. Their air purifiers equipped with fewer but effective features that are:

  • Haze mode – when the number of contaminants inside the air increases to a high degree then, this mode helps you to instantly remove all the pollutants
  • Dust and odor sensor – this feature tells you the number of dust particles and odor levels in your room via different color LED lights. Upon knowing that value, you can adjust the settings to make the indoor air clean
  • Night mode – almost all Sharp air purifiers have this amazing feature that enables them to keep operating at the night at very low noise to promote peaceful sleep
  • Plasmacluster technology – Sharp air purifiers have a power Plasmacluster technology that releases ions into the air and later those ions help in destroying molds and viruses
  • 20-degree airflow – all sharp air purifiers offer 20-degree airflow that helps in cleaning the air from roof to floor

All Sharp air purifiers have all these amazing features that add more to their performance. Sharp air purifier cost is reasonable because they do not include fancy features that do not play an important role in providing clean air. Now, let us move ahead to know the features, performance, quality, durability, and cost of the top air purifiers from this brand.

1. Sharp Air Purifier for Homes & Offices

This air purifier is the top-selling air purifier by this brand. With its amazing power and a high clean air delivery rate, it has won the hearts of consumers. This air purifier has a pre-filter that eliminates large air pollutants, a HEPA filter that removes small-sized contaminants, and a carbon filter that assists you in eliminating unpleasant smells and odors from your room.

The Plasmacluster technology in this air purifier is highly crucial in destroying viruses and molds and also stops their further growth. This air purifier is suitable for a room size of up to 200 square feet.

Sharp Air Purifier for Homes & Offices

Sharp Air Purifier for Homes & Offices

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This air purifier by Sharp has an eye-catching design that adds to the beauty of the place where you have placed it. This air purifier can efficiently work at night also with its quiet mode operation. It does not disturb your sleep and keeps providing clean and hygienic air.

With its amazing Haze mode, you can get rid of a large number of air pollutants in no time. Other valuable characteristics of this air purifier include 20-degree airflow, night mode, and dust & odor sensor.

2. Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier

This is another top product by Sharp – popular among customers for its excellent quality and durability. Sharp air purifier cost is comparatively low than other air purifiers but performs well in all scenarios. This air purifier has a humidification function also that increases the humidity in cold weather to improve the air quality.

Using the various filters – pre-filter to remove large air contaminants, HEPA filter to kick out small-sized air pollutants, and carbon filter to eradicate odors and bad smell – this air purifier guarantees that you get clean and healthy air every time with no compromise.

Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier

Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier

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Apart from the filters, this air purifier also uses Plasmacluster technology that releases ions in the air that form radicals and help in destroying molds and viruses. The amazing night mode in this device helps you to sleep peacefully, as it keeps working without making any noise when this mode is turned on.

The 20-degree airflow feature in this air purifier enables it to spread clean air all around the room from top to bottom. Haze mode, dust & odor sensor also aid in enhancing the performance of this brilliant air purifier.

3. Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher

This air purifier is another masterpiece by Sharp. It not only eliminates all types of pollutants from the air but also helps in killing mosquitos. It attracts the mosquitos by spreading strong light in the room. It has a strong suction power that catches the mosquitos when they come near to it.

It follows a three-stage filtration system to eliminate all kinds of air pollutants and bad smells as well. This air purifier can purify the air in a living area of up to 200 square feet. It has a high CADR and ACH that enables it to keep supplying clean air in regular intervals.

Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher

Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher

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If you are looking for an air purifier to remove contaminants from the air and also destroy mosquitos, then this air purifier by Sharp is the best pick for you. It has a low power consumption that keeps the electricity bills in check and it also has a one-year warranty.

With its low noise feature, you can keep using it at night. If you anytime feel that the impurities in the air have grown to a high degree then, you can use the Haze mode of this air purifier to instantly remove all of them to get clean and healthy air.

These are the finest air purifiers by the popular brand Sharp. You can purchase any of the above-mentioned air purifiers or any other device by Sharp based on your requirements. The powerful Sharp air purifiers have suitable prices and can efficiently clean the air inside the room.