Have you any idea how air purifiers purify the air inside a living area? Do you want to identify how air purifiers work? Follow this air purity guide to completely understand their operation.

Air purifiers are the most common devices of almost all homes in India. Due to a high number of air pollutants both indoor and outdoor, air purifiers have become the ultimate protection gadget for every home. People living in high traffic areas cannot imagine their life without an air purifier at their home or office.

Air pollutants such as dust, dirt, pet dander, dead body cells, cigarette smoke, painting and cooking smells, and many more like these make your life troublesome. They not only irritate you but can also cause several health issues for you. Individuals suffering from asthma or other respiratory conditions find it even more complex to breathe in such a contaminated environment.

To kill all the pollutants and to provide clean air inside the room, air purifiers are used by almost all the people in India. Air purifiers are equipped with various filters, ionizers, UV light, and many more things that enable them to purify the indoor air to offer you clean and hygienic air.

As air purifiers are manufactured by numerous brands, they may differ significantly from each other but most of them contain three essential filters – pre - filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter.

Pre - Filter

A pre-filter is used to catch large size air pollutants like dust, dirt, pet dander, etc. This filter is basic and is found in almost every air purifier from any brand. This filter does not cost much and needs minimum maintenance.

HEPT Filter

The standard for air purifier filters is High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, which are designed to capture 99.97% of air pollutants greater than 0.3 microns in size. The default scale that is utilized to determine the size of airborne contaminants is microns. Each micron is equal to 1/25,400 of an inch. No matter what small than 10 microns in length cannot be seen by the human eye, so impurities like bacteria and viruses go away without being caught.

HEPA filters effectively eliminate smaller-sized contaminants including dirt, smoke, toxins, viruses, mold, bacteria, and animal dander. Only contaminants of 10.0 microns or greater can be captured by room air conditioning filters, therefore they are not as effective as air purifier filters for air filtering.

Carbon Filter

Carbon filters are specifically utilized to eliminate bad smells and odors. Pre-filter and HEPA filters help you to get rid of large and small size air pollutants but cannot remove unpleasant smells. Therefore, the most efficient air purifiers use carbon filters to eliminate bad odors.

In addition to these essential filters, many air purifiers use ionizers that spread negative ions in the air to destroy harmful particles. Some air purifying devices also use UV light to destroy viruses, bacteria, and other germs.

Additional Features

To make their operation more effective, air purifiers are equipped with numerous additional features that enhance their working and improve the air cleaning system. These features include:

1. Filter - Replacement Indicator

As filters in the air purifiers need to be replaced after a pre-defined period, many air purifiers have an indicator that tells you to change the filters on time. This feature enables you to keep getting clean and healthy air every time.

2. Night Mode

You may wish to keep using an air purifier during the night to breathe in fresh and clean air. Air purifiers enable you to do so. The night mode in air purifiers allows them to work at night without making any noise. In this way, they provide hygienic air without disturbing your sleep.

3. Turbo Mode

Turbo mode in air purifiers is built to instantly remove all air pollutants inside the room. It speeds up the working of the air purifier to eliminate all contaminants.

4. Air Quality Sensor

Air quality sensor is designed to provide you the exact value of pollutants present in the air. Many air purifiers show the air quality inside the room through various colors. This feature helps you to monitor the air quality and modify the working of the air purifier as per requirements.

Air purifiers have a lot more features that assist them to perform their job more efficiently and effectively. We hope all these details would have helped you to clearly understand the working of an air purifier. An air purifier in your room, office, or any other living area will take care of all the air pollutants and will deliver hygienic air to help you live a healthy life and carefree life.