Do you wish to get an effective air purifier to eliminate pollutants from the air inside the room? Are you searching for the right brand that is selling high-quality air purifiers at affordable rates? Try Coway air purifiers that are sure to meet your needs in all cases. Follow this air purity guide to know all the details about this brand and its air purifiers.

Coway is a Korean brand that is popular worldwide for supplying magnificent quality air purifiers to help you breathe in clean and healthy air. Coway has also gained immense popularity in India as well because of delivering prime quality air purifiers at reasonable prices.

You can easily find a suitable air purifier from this brand, as it has produced numerous air purifiers with different specifications. Based on the room size, you can pick the most accurate Coway air purifier for home or office.

In this air purity guide, we will explain the filtration system, coverage area, and additional features of Coway air purifiers that will compel you to go with this brand’s air purifiers.

Filtration System

One of the most effective aspects of air purifiers is their filtration system that determines their ability to catch the air pollutants to provide clean air. Coway has given more time to the filtration system of all of its air purifiers.

Almost all Coway air purifiers have 4 to 5 filters that guarantee to provide your hygienic air every time. The filters include:

  • Pre-filter – helps remove large air pollutants like dust, dirt, pollens, etc
  • Green HEPA filter – assists in eliminating very small sized air impurities – even the size of 0.03 microns. This filter also destroys viruses within the living area
  • Carbon filter – this filter is designed for kicking out unpleasant smells and odors from the air

In addition to these essential filters, Coway air purifiers also include a titanium filter and a unique filter for molds and pollens. So, Coway air purifiers have a clear edge over their counterparts due to their highly efficient filtration system. All these filters make sure that there is no trace of any impurity inside the room.

Coverage Area

You may need an air purifier for a small room, a bedroom, a large room, for your office, or hall. You can get a Coway air purifier as per your requirements. Coway has introduced plenty of air purifiers with different specifications. You just need to note down the size of the area where you want to install an air purifier and you are all done.

You can easily find the most suitable Coway air purifier from the wide range of air purifiers available in the market. You can check the specification of the device you are intending to buy to confirm that it will work for you.


These two parameters describe the efficiency of an air purifier to provide clean air. A greater clean air delivery rate (CADR) points to the capability of an air purifier to deliver more clean air every time. Air change per hour (ACH) defines that how many times in an hour will the air purifier provide hygienic air.

All Coway air purifiers have a minimum of 200 CADR rate which indicates that they will catch all the contaminants in the air and will keep providing healthy air to breathe in. Also, Coway air purifiers have a high ACH that enables them to change the air 4 to 5 times in an hour to help you breathe in a clean environment.

Additional Features

Extra features of air purifiers enhance their looks and performance as well. Coway air purifiers have almost all the latest features that improve their working. Here are some of the top characteristics of Coway air purifiers.

  • Intelligent auto mode – This mode automatically measures the number of contaminants in the air and adjusts the setting of the air purifier to remove all pollutants
  • Night mode – If you wish to continue using the air purifier at night and also want zero disturbance, then you can turn on Night mode that will switch off all the lights of the device, and will work without making any noise
  • Turbo mode – If the amount of allergens is high inside the living area, then turning on turbo mode will quickly remove all of them
  • Filter replacement indicator – As filters in the air purifier require to be changed after a pre-defined time, Coway air purifiers have an inbuilt indicator for this that tells you the right time to replace the filters
  • Air quality monitor – This feature displays the number of contaminants present inside the living area through different colors

These features are found in almost every Coway air purifier and some of the latest models may have even more new features. Now, let us move forward to explore the characteristics, price, and quality of the top 3 Coway air purifiers.

1. Coway Professional Air Purifier

This air purifier by Coway is the best-selling air purifier from this brand. Not only in India, but this air purifier is also popular all over the world due to its high efficiency. This air purifier is suitable for a room size of 355 square feet. It has a high CADR rate of 303 cubic meter per hour that confirms you will get clean air every time.

Coway Professional Air Purifier

Coway Professional Air Purifier

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This air purifier has a special green anti-virus HEPA filter that not only eliminates very small-sized contaminants from the air but also kills viruses to protect you from various diseases. This air purifier uses four more filters to destroy all the air pollutants and bad odors.

Coway professional air purifier is equipped with all the modern features that improve its efficiency and looks as well. This air purifier has a filter replacement indicator, night mode, air quality monitor, and many more additional features that make it an excellent choice for your home or office.

2. AIRMEGA 300S App Enabled Air Purifier

This attractive design air purifier by Coway is specially designed for large halls or basements. It can easily cover an area of 1256 square feet with its high CADR rate. This air purifier allows you to control it with the app installed on your smartphone to help you set the working time of the device.

AIRMEGA 300S App Enabled Air Purifier

AIRMEGA 300S App Enabled Air Purifier

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The amazing features in this air purifier include auto speed, air quality monitor, night mode, filter change alert, speed control, filer lifetime monitoring, and turbo mode. This air purifier has all the essential filters that help it to eliminate all types of air pollutants, VOCs, and bad smells from the living area.

3. Coway White AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

This mighty Coway air purifier is extremely popular among consumers due to its amazing performance and suitable rate. This might Coway air purifier cost is reasonable given the features and effective filtration system it has. It follows four stage filtration to assist you in getting rid of all the contaminants from the air.

As part of four stage filtration, it has a vital ion system that generates negative ions to destroy harmful pollutants present in the air.

Coway White AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

Coway White AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

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Coway mighty air purifier can take care of the pollutants in the room size of up to 361 square feet. It has a high CADR rate of 246 cubic meters per hour that enables it to keep supplying healthy and hygienic air every time in the room.

This air purifier is fitted out with all the newest features that contribute to the working of this device. These features include air quality indicator, night mode, auto mode, filter replacement indicator, air flow control, vital ion system, and timer.

These are the top air purifiers by Coway. These air purifiers have the potential to supply clean air in the specified room size. Depending on the living area, you can pick any of these air purifiers for getting healthy and clean air. All of these air purifiers and all others from Coway can easily remove all the air pollutants with their effective filtration system and modern features.